Back to the roots

Yesterday wrapped up with the presentations on RDA and FRBR. The presentation on FRBR was at a pretty high level of abstraction, which was interesting from an intellectual standpoint, but the fact that it was already 4 in the afternoon sure didn’t help my comprehension. Whether RDA really gets rolled out as early as they say (i.e. early next year), I kind of doubt it.

Ran into the guy who taught my cataloging class last fall. It was nice to reconnect with him. I also wanted to pick his brain about the advanced cataloging class he’s teaching this fall. I’d like to take it, but I’m worried about being over committed, given that I already have instructional design and building online tutorials on my plate. On the other hand, in order to stay on track for Summer 2009 graduation, I will have to take either 3 classes this fall or 3 classes next spring or 2 classes next summer. So, somewhere down the line I have to take on an extra load. Anyway, I’ll just have to email him and continue the conversation, b/c he got pulled off with friends before i could learn more.

this morning i went to the LPSS section committee meetings. Before going into the meeting chatted a while with Robert Labaree from USC. In the meeting, I sat down with the instruction committee. Nice group of folks. They’ve developed a standards document for doing research in political science, and the discussion focused on how to translated that document into a format that is palatable to faculty and which they can take the APSA in Toronto in 2009. The interesting thing for me about it all was a feeling of being very much back in my element, what with my poli sci background. It felt very familiar. So, I think I am going to join ACRL and sign up with the LPSS section and starting getting involved. It’s not really directly connected with what I’m doing at Marymount, but I have such a strong interest and background in it, it make sense to build on that.

We actually laughed a lot during the meeting as well. Which was refreshing. At one point someone quoted Michael Pallin as having said: “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.” She said wouldn’t it be great if we could distill I key parts of our lives down to a 5-7 word essential statement. Then we started joking about how that would work for the standards document. Stuff like, “Find information, mostly peer-reviewed, write well.” You had to be there.

I then went to a session advertised as “Energize Your Instruction.” It was entertaining, but it really did not have anything to do with instruction per se. The presenter was a professional sort of self-help coach/speaker and he went through his version of M-B personality scales, reminding everyone to find out who there and figure out how to best work with that and with the personality types of others. Not exactly ground-breaking. But, he was amusing.

had lunch with Mary, where we traded notes on what we’d been to. Also ran into Stephen Klein, the recruiter from the LA county Lib system, Western Division. He’s so funny. Every time I see him, he’s always trying to convince me to go into PL.

Now I’m off to another session called “Creating Change: Teacher Librarians and New Learners” and then probably a session on direct democracy put on by LPSS. One of the speakers at the latter is a guy who got a job I had applied for over two years ago to set up a site called PolicyArchive, a repository of public policy papers coming out of think tanks and academic institutions. Would be interested to talk with him about how that is going.

Plan to end the day at a SLIS reception. All in all, a good day.



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