And in the end… (Thing #23)

Has it been ten weeks already? It appears we have arrived at the end of our journey, which of course does not mean the learning stops. This has been a good experience, a fertile grazing area for the Knowledge Nomad — Kudos to Mary for all she did in setting up the program!

While many of the tools we encountered during the program were familiar to me, I enjoyed discovering and playing around with some new ones. And even when I was familiar with some tools, it was useful to reflect on how they might be useful at work or in the classroom. Interestingly, that act of reflection has served to temper some of my technolust. In several instances (e.g. IM and social networking), it was hard to imagine how these tools could serve an instructional purpose. And that’s fine. It is important to think critically about whether some tool is right for the job, not to just jump on the bandwagon of the latest hyped application. And, whereas I may not find a good use for a particular tool, it’s quite probable that someone else will. At which point, I can reevaluate my own stance.

It was always interesting to read other participants’ blogs, and I would have liked to have commented more on them, but, you know, there’s only so much time in a day. No doubt the time factor is what prevented greater participation. I’m not really sure how you can tackle that problem to get more buy-in. Maybe by offering more brief f2f sessions (like what was offered during Spring Break), esp. at the early stages when people may feel the least comfortable with learning new technologies. In any case, I do think the program is worthwhile and should be offered again.

The Knowledge Nomad is off to explore more feeding grounds for his mind…



2 Responses to “And in the end… (Thing #23)”

  1. McMillan Says:

    Congrats on finishing and thank you for your participation. I must agree with you that it is important to reflect on the potential benefits and challenges that a new technology might bring, and to strongly consider the overall task or goal that you are meaning to accomplish. Only when the mission is determined should the right tool be chosen. I have also enjoyed digging more deeply into these tools that I have toyed with in the past and to have the opportunity to continue my own learning process.

  2. MaryElla Says:

    High five, Knowledge Nomad! While it’s nice to have that word “complete” in my head, I know I’ve still got loads to learn. I look forward to bumping into you again somewhere down the technology road!

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