Video Nation (Thing #19)

Liked the Big Think link.  A similar one that captures videos of public discussions from around the world is called Fora.TV and there’s lots of educational value in both.  One of the big drawbacks of these sites and youtube, as well, is the poor resolution, so they don’t lend themselves well to broadcasting on a large screen for an entire class.  It’s also probably why it’s hard to watch anything that’s over 5 minutes long.  And, of course, are Big Think and ForaTV are talking head formats, which has a serious yawn factor for many.

Interesting to see some of the Marymount videos on YouTube.  Checking out the comments can be a lesson in itself.  In one video, one person commented s/he had been interested in MM until learning it is a Catholic institution.  Another commentator responded that it no longer is a Catholic institution.  Huh?

I can see using video to teach things (love the Plain English video series) or introduce departments and services to the campus community.  Not sure it needs to be on YouTube, though, unless it is intended as a marketing tool.



2 Responses to “Video Nation (Thing #19)”

  1. McMillan Says:

    I am looking forward to checking out Fora.TV more closely. Just the homepage displayed some interesting content. The wonderful use for such easy access to online videos that I discovered while creating this program is the potential professional development content available free of charge. The only excuse I can now use for not continuing in my personal education in a robust way when there is so many formats of information available, is simply the time required to read / view / blog it all.

  2. MaryElla Says:

    I agree! Turn this into an article. One study and one paper does not need to dominate this thought process! I think what you had to say is very true and very important.

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