Freeze Tag (Things #17 and #18)

I’ve been using Delicious for a long time. In fact, I just checked and according to my list I started posting on November 25, 2004! But here’s the thing – I almost never actually go back to my account to find previously saved links. I don’t know why. I think I need to put a freeze on posting any more sites, take stock of what I have already saved, do a better job of organizing stuff (I started tagging before I understood the concept and usefulness of controlled vocabulary), and begin to evaluate how to make more of the site.



3 Responses to “Freeze Tag (Things #17 and #18)”

  1. MelissaW Says:

    Controlled vocabulary! You are such a librarian already! Actually, I stress a little about my tags on – I want them to be right from the beginning, a la controlled vocab.

  2. knowledgenomad Says:

    You are absolutely right to get this right from the start. I really regret not having given some thought to my tagging vocab at the outset. Now it’s just a mess and I don’t feel very motivated to clean it up. Might be one of the reasons I don’t seem to search my bookmarks very often.

  3. McMillan Says:

    I have to agree with you both. I have spent some time revising my tags to make them more clear to myself, although the experience of using tags was a new concept when I first started using Delicious so I will cut myself some slack in this area. I am much more thoughtful about the tags I use when I now save a site.

    I also like to “bundle” my tags into more organized groupings. For example I have bundles for “library” and “Filming” since I used these sites more frequently in my work.

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