Stick to the program (Thing #13)


Just getting around to last week’s Thing. Which led me to create the above image. Fun, but it was a little tricky. Took me awhile to figure out that I had to right click on the image I created to save it and then upload it to the blog. I felt the instructions on the site could have been a little more user-friendly in this regard.



2 Responses to “Stick to the program (Thing #13)”

  1. McMillan Says:

    I have encountered some of the same difficulties in regards to limited instructions on some of the image generator sites. It could be because some of the sites are not operated by web design experts, but rather programmers who enjoy mashing up applications.

  2. melissaautumn Says:

    Agreed – although I got stuck because WordPress did not want to upload the image I saved because of the format (gif?). So, I had to save the image to my desktop, open it up, convert it to another format, save, then upload to WordPress. Interesting. This is where being involved in the 23 Things is really good for me – it forces me to be persistent!

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