Around the dial (Thing #20)

At first I was going to title this post à propos of no “Thing”, but then I looked ahead and realized this relates to Thing 20 on podcasting. One of my favorite things about the Web in general and podcasting in particular is the diversity of voices to which we now have easy access. I think it can be very instructive for students (heck, everyone) to read, listen, or watch news from non-U.S. sources. The choices for English-language broadcasting from non-U.S. media outlets is impressive. See, for example, this list compiled by the Association of College and Research Libraries. On that note, here is a shameless plug for a radio feature on Korean missionaries by an independent German reporter (who happens to be a good friend of mine 🙂 ) that was broadcast today on the Beeb (aka the BBC) and last week on German radio. You can also podcast Crossing Continents, the BBC program it comes from, to get weekly installments of the show, which presents “On the ground reporting from around the world which focuses on the human dimension of the big international stories.”


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2 Responses to “Around the dial (Thing #20)”

  1. McMillan Says:

    Thanks for these. Although I tend to have trouble finding the time to listen to many podcasts, I have really enjoyed the format for the shows that I have caught. I used to subscribe to Coffee Break Spanish through iTunes, which was a great way to learn a lot of Spanish is a small amount of time.

  2. melissaautumn Says:

    I, too, wish I had time for all the great podcasts that are out there. I mainly use my iPod for airplane travel; sometimes at night when I’m working on the computer. I’m trying to re-establish a workout habit, so my iPod is great for that – I have a folder for upbeat tunes to walk to. Perhaps I could use it for newscasts more once I’m working from home (with no kids around) in the fall. Something to look forward to!

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