I’ll trade you a Jefferson for a Washington and a Hamilton (Thing #7)

Haven’t had much time lately to devote to this, but wanted to get back into it before I fall too far behind. One potential academic use of Flickr I thought of was to have some fun with the Trading Card application that gave students a quick reminder of important people and their ideas. Actually, the idea comes from somebody who already created such trading cards from Theory.org.uk. Of course, it’s pretty challenging to distill a person’s accomplishments into the format provided. Here’s my effort at a card on Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson Trading Card

(click on image to enlarge; image credit: chadh, original can be found here )

The other thing to consider is copyright for use of pictures. I searched Flickr on Thomas Jefferson and then checked the permissions granted under the Creative Commons license by the image creator. Flickr’s Advanced Search page allows you to limit by such re-usable content.


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6 Responses to “I’ll trade you a Jefferson for a Washington and a Hamilton (Thing #7)”

  1. MaryElla Says:

    I love the trading card/study aid idea!

  2. knowledgenomad Says:

    Thanks. I was thinking some more about this in the shower this morning, and while I initially was thinking the instructor would create the cards, it occurred to me it might be even more interesting/pedagogically valuable to have students create and trade cards with each other as part of an assignment. It would be a fun way to get them to hone in on key points and by trading with each other they could learn from one another.

  3. McMillan Says:

    What a fantastic idea! I love it! Way to think “out of the box.”

  4. Melissa Says:

    When I saw your post, my first thought was how creating cards could be a learning tool for students — clearly great librarians think alike. 🙂 I’ve been thinking a lot about activities for the kids to do this summer while they are out of school. Creating trading cards for people, animals, etc., would be a great way to have them synthesize what they are learning.

    Interestingly, I do my best thinking of the day in the shower. Is this a parent thing? My morning shower may be the only ten minutes I have to myself all day — it is my best time for reflection and idea generation.

  5. Kevin Says:


    I really liked your article on trading cards. I am putting together examples of good use of Web 2.0 technology in the classroom and wanted to reference your article. In trying to write a short blurb about you, I read your “about this blog”. Would you like more specific credit, or should I just reference “The Knowledge Nomad”?

    Thanks and keep up the writing!

  6. Random Acts of Blogness « The Knowledge Nomad Blog Says:

    […] at Marymount College. Imagine then my surprise when I received a comment last week on my Trading Card post from someone outside our fine institution whom I had never heard of. He apparently found the post […]

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