Flickr College Tour (Thing #6)


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I’ve been connected to lots of different colleges and universities over the years, but UC Santa Cruz, the first university I attended, is still my favorite. What a gorgeous campus! Found this nice shot on Flickr and used the “Blog this” tool to post it here.

I also found pics on Flickr of other campuses I’ve been to, with the exception of Marymount. Well, actually there were a few MM pics, but they were of a graduation ceremony. Seems the “Blog this” tool only works for one pic at a time, and I don’t really want to post them all individually. Anyone know how to post a group of pictures from Flickr in one post?


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One Response to “Flickr College Tour (Thing #6)”

  1. MaryElla Says:

    I tried to use more than one photo from Flickr on my most recent post but I couldn’t get it to work. I think that, since we didn’t create the format of our blogs from scratch, we may be stuck with only being able to use one photo — and that at the top of the page. Does anyone else have a thought about this?

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