Cycles of Learning and Unlearning (Thing #3)

Just finished watching the presentation on 7.5 Habits of Lifelong Learning. The concept of lifelong learning is not new to me, but I liked the breakdown of some basic habits to reinforce successful lifelong learning. Helps to make it more systematic, rather than the haphazard way in which most of my learning probably occurs.

I’d have to say that the habit that comes easiest to me is the last one — play! What can I say, I like to play. Fun is a big motivator. As for the most challenging habit, for me it would be #2 – Accept Responsibility for Your Own Learning. For me this is challenging not because I am not interested in taking on new things to learn, but because of the necessary follow-through it entails. The point is simply that with the myriad of things I have to do, it is very easy for me put off sticking to a plan of action (regular exercise falls in this category, too!).

One thing I thought about during the presentation is that, for all its positive aspects, sometimes I also feel as though I am also engaged in a process of lifelong un-learning. Two years of intensively learning Russian? Nine years later, it’s all basically gone because I did not not keep it up. There was a time I could discuss with ease different theories of nationalism and what that meant for the contemporary world situation. Now I rack my brains to remember the basic gist of the theories and who penned them. There’s real truth to the saying “use it or lose it.” (For an interesting take on the value of lifelong unlearning, see this essay.)

Of course, these examples of un-learning are also a reflection of changing priorities in my life. Since then I’ve committed to learning lots of other things — like how to be a librarian!


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  1. Melissa Says:

    Love the name of your blog!


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