Confessions of a Knowledge Nomad

Why another blog?  Well, for one, I’m participating in the Marymount College Learning 2.0 program and this is Thing 2 – set up a blog.  Beyond that, it’s a great way to communicate thoughts with colleagues.  It will be interesting to keep a blog that tracks my development in learning how to use Web 2.0 tools for professional purposes.

Why Knowledge Nomad?  Catchy, don’t you think?  Seriously, though, I like the image it evokes – someone who travels in search of knowledge. My nomadic tendencies are both physical and virtual; they take me out into the world and into myself.  Sometimes I know where I am going and what I expect to find there; other times I’m wandering and letting the magic of serendipity work its wonder.  I’m not usually a tribal nomad, but I enjoy company, too.  So, hope to see you on the way!



One Response to “Confessions of a Knowledge Nomad”

  1. McMillan Says:

    What a great blog name! I love your enthusiasm for lifelong learning. I am also someone who strives to have a continuous exploration of new things and ideas.

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